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(MOI-TD) My Orbital Infrastructure Technical Demonstration

Ronak Samantray

6 Feb 2024

We are launching MOI-TD soon. India's first AI-labratory in space.

Empowering space with My Orbital Infrastructure (MOI) Satellites​

MOI represents a series of nano-satellites by TakeMe2Space that enable enterprises, startups and innovators to run compute in LEO. MOI satellites enable compute in-space with access to industry specific sensors, high speed communication and reliable edge computing capabilities.

The first: MOI-TD

MOI-TD is the technical demonstration version of the MOI-1 satellite. The mission goals of MOI-TD is as follows:

  1. Prove the idegenously build satellite subsystems in space. We are testing our OBC (On-board computer), EC (Edge Computer - enabling AI-in-space), EPS (Electronic Power System) and ADCS (Attitude Determination and Control System) components.

  2. Upload custom AI based application from ground station to MOI-TD and execute the application for 1 orbit. Post execution the result would be downlinked to the ground station. This would be India's first AI experiment in space.

  3. Use AI to detect day-light earth and night-time earth pictures. The aim is to be able to click the picture with right sharpness. MOI-TD would be constantly rolling, hence we are going to use the EC to process the camera feed in realtime and capture the desired media.

Design Principles of MOI-TD

Our aim is to prove all aspects (subsystem functionality & reliability, structural integrity) of the MOI series of nano-satellites. Hence we have kept MOI-TD 95% similar to our MOI series of nano-satellites.

  • The form factor of MOI-TD chassis is close to our nano-satellite bus.

  • All the sub-systems are PC-104 format and stacked inside the chassis, the exact same way one would stack up nano-satellite subsystems.

  • MOI-TD includes the POEM adapter board, which enables the sub-systems to be able to communicate to POEM platform for downlink & uplink tasks. Also the POEM adapter board provides 3v3, 5v and 12v power trains which are consumed the required sub-systems.

The compute environment in MOI-TD

  1. The base compute envrionment in MOI-TD is based on Linux, enabling C/C++ and python runtimes. The micro-controller powering this environment is a single core 1GHz CPU, and has 512 MB RAM.

  2. MOI-TD also hosts a special environment for running AI/ML models in realtime. Its powered by a GC7000 Lite Graphics GPU and Edge TPU capable of processing 4 trillion operations per second.

Experiments to be run on MOI-TD

We are running multiple experiments while MOI-TD would be in orbit. Few of the experiments have been submitted by the community space enthusiasts, some by Universities in south east asia and some within our Indian eco-system. We will be announcing these experiments details on this page soon. Stay tuned.

ETL Tests for MOI-TD

MOI-TD would undergo rigorous testing before the final luanch. We have finised the communication protocol testing. As the next steps, we will be running the vibration, shock, emi/emc and thermo-vac tests by May15th.

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