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Radiation Shielding Experiment Module (RSEM)

Ronak Samantray

1 Nov 2023

RSEM will enable us to test a cost-effective radiation-shield-coating technology for CubeSat chassis.

Radiation Shielding Coating developed by TakeMe2Space would help increase the lifespan of a CubeSat and enable CubeSat builders to use non radiation hardened electronic components in the electronic circuits inside of the CubeSat – hence reducing the cost of development of the CubeSat.

With the RSEM module, we are testing the effectiveness different thickness and different coating methods against high energy radiations. The coating is done on a 2mm thick Aluminium (AL 6061) - which the most common material today used for CubeSats.

The RSEM consists of 5 housings as shown in the image below. The design of RSEM enables us to test the effectiveness of various radiation-shield-coating (thickness & coating methods) with respect to ionising radiations experienced in LEO. While in orbit, RSEM would track the radiation dosage that passes through these radiation-shield-coatings and captured by the respective dosimeter.

RSEM Layout - by TakeMe2Space
RSEM Internal Layout

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