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We are building world's first public satellite infrastructure, accessible for every space enthusiast.

Your mission.

Our satellite

Building new ways for people to access space everday

Space is no longer for chosen few! At TakeMe2Space we are building the world's first LEO based satellite infrastructure open for all. No more waiting years or spending millions.

Our Indian-made LEO satellites are like micro-computers in space, ready to serve your needs:

  • Open platform: No gatekeepers, just pure innovation potential.

  • AI-powered: Supercharge your ideas with cutting-edge space intelligence.

  • Affordable: Stop dreaming, start doing. We make space accessible.

The future of space is open, collaborative, and yours to explore! 

#TakeMe2Space #OpenSpaceForAll #SpaceRevolution

Image by Matt Gross

What makes us different ?

TakeMe2Space is building its own orbital infrastructure to power the Space Apps. Our fleet of satellite(s) are optmised for a fast build time and mission life span of more than 5 years. This is achieved becuase of some fundamental material science innovations build by our engineers. One of these innovations has been the world's most affordable radiation shielding coating that is now space proven with the RSEM mission in collaboration with ISRO.