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Satellite Orbital Time

Reserve satellite time in the orbital infrastructure built by TakeMe2Space. The fastest way to test your space experiments.

World's first
Satellite Orbital Time for everyone.

MOI satellites by TM2Space are custom designed to enable custom code to control the satellite in-orbit.

MOI transforms your classroom into a launchpad for space exploration! This unique platform doesn't just observe, it interacts! Explore Earth's landscapes with image analysis, delve into space environment mysteries, or even predict space debris!


Utilize powerful AI libraries like TensorFlow and OpenCV to extract insights from sensor data, classify land cover, or detect objects in real-time. From temperature monitoring to auroral observation, OrbitLab ignites scientific curiosity and empowers students to become citizen scientists, actively contributing to our understanding of our planet and beyond.


The possibilities are as vast as the cosmos itself! So, prepare for liftoff and embark on a collaborative journey of discovery with OrbitLab!

Unlimited Possibilities with AI-in-Space

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